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Find the Best 4 Post Car Lifts in Mechanic Superstore


Purchasing a 4-post car lift is an essential tool for any mechanic’s shop. These lifts can help you perform various maintenance procedures more effectively and efficiently. They also help you grow as a mechanic. In this article, we’ll compare the BendPak HDS40, Challenger’s Home Storage/DIY light general service lift, Tuxedo FP9K, TRIUMPH 9000 Pound car lift, and Mechanic Superstore’s own 4-post lift.

BendPak HDS40

When it comes to automotive service equipment, the BendPak HDS40 4 post car lift stands out from the crowd. It is built to last and offers superior performance. Engineers at BendPak pay close attention to detail, so you can expect longevity and durability. You can be assured of safety as well. Here are some of the benefits of the HDS40:

The HDS40 four-post car lift features a heavy-duty air supply that provides up to 30 psi and 3 CFM. Despite its lightweight design, it is powerful enough to accommodate even the largest vehicles. The HDS40 lift is equipped with ergonomic controls, massive sheaves, and aircraft-grade cables. This is an excellent investment for any mechanic’s workshop.

Challenger’s Home Storage/DIY light duty general service lift

The commercial-grade Challenger(TM) light-duty general service lift is economical and durable for the home storage/do-it-yourself enthusiast. Its single hydraulic cylinder and cable system allow you to operate it at different heights, and they can be free-standing or bolted to the floor. The durable and affordable design is suited for home enthusiasts and commercial users alike.

The Challenger CL4P7 4-post home car lift is a 9,000-lb. capacity lift. It’s perfect for light commercial and DIY storage needs and can be bolted down or freestanding to save space. It is also portable, with optional caster kits. It’s also ideal for home storage/DIY general service and home enthusiasts alike. Regardless of the application, it is a great choice for any garage.

Tuxedo FP9K

The Tuxedo FP9K 4-post car lift is a high-quality lift that is primarily intended for storage. Its boxed posts and industrial-grade steel construction provide durability and a clean design. Its lifting capacity is twelve thousand pounds and the lift requires only six hours to install. If you’re not in the market for a commercial model, you can purchase a home version and install it in your garage.

With a maximum elevation of 77 inches, the lift leaves plenty of room under the vehicle for parking and tuning. Its included mounting hardware streamlines the loading process, and its safety system includes an automatic shut-off and lock ladder column design. It has diamond-plated runways for added grip. The lift is equipped with air-operated single-point release for easy use. To increase safety and productivity, it has a redundant safety system.

TRIUMPH 9000 Pound

A vehicle lift can be useful for garages, repair shops, and home use. These lifts have multiple uses and can help make the process of working on a vehicle safer, easier, and more efficient. They can save you countless hours of manual labor, and some models even come with glide rails to prevent damage to the floor of the vehicle. You’ll find a car lift for almost any vehicle in a Mechanic Superstore.

Whether you’re doing minor repairs on your car or doing extensive service work, a car lift will help you get the job done faster. The lift’s high capacity and low weight make it easy to work under a vehicle. You can choose the type that’s best for your needs. A three-post lift, a four-post car lift, or a portable patient lift.

AMGO Hydraulics

Mechanic Superstore carries a selection of AMGO Hydraulics car lifts. Choose the AMGO 408-P, a space-saving model with an 8,000-pound lifting capacity. This lift doesn’t require a special foundation and is equipped with AMGO’s exclusive safety locks. Its manual single-point release device also helps protect the lift. AMGO Hydraulics 2 post car lifts are built to withstand the punishment of constant use.

Mechanic Superstore also carries a variety of used 2-post car lifts. Their helpful sales staff can give you all the information you need to purchase the right lift for your needs. If you’re looking for a lift with heavy-duty lifting capabilities, the AMGO OH-15 two-post car lift is a good choice. Its 15-ton lifting capacity is ideal for heavy lifting. Its high-quality parts and self-lubricating bush mean it requires little maintenance.

Dannmar D4-12

A commercial-grade vehicle lift is a must for businesses looking to increase parking capacity. A Dannmar lift is a benchmark of quality throughout the industry, and its ability to raise heavier vehicles allows for greater parking capacity. If you’re considering a commercial vehicle lift for your business, consider purchasing a Dannmar D4-12 four-post lift. Here are some of the features of a Dannmar lift. You can also read our review of this lift to see why we recommend it.

The Dannmar D4-12 4 post car lift is designed for the lifting of vehicles with a maximum weight of 5,443 lbs. It has extended runways, Dual-hub cable sheaves, and massive 2.25″ diameter sheave axles. These features increase the lifespan of critical components while reducing cable wear. It has an integrated cable lubrication point and is equipped with a safety braking system.