Why a Security System is Important


Why do you need a security system for your home? There are several reasons for this, including reducing crime, protecting your family and property, and preventing burglary and shoplifting. However, one of the most common reasons for installing a security system is to keep track of your employees – 75% of employees steal from their employers, according to U.S. Department of Commerce data. This website explains the importance for both the employees and the business owners, as it allows you to track down these people and prevent them from doing their dirty work.

Protection against criminal activity

If you’re wondering why you should invest in a security system for your business, you’re not alone. Many businesses suffer from workplace crime and need a way to protect their employees and assets. The benefits of a security system can be numerous, from providing peace of mind to limiting the risk of a break-in. Listed below are some reasons that you should invest in a security system for your business.

Monitoring of unsafe areas

A security system can be monitored remotely by a third party, usually the security staff at a live monitoring station. This way, the security system can react instantly if it detects suspicious activity. A monitored system should also have a panic button that can trigger the live monitoring agents to start a video session on the property. If this button is pressed, the security staff can announce that the property is being monitored.

Reduced crime

A security system for business can have a number of benefits in terms of reducing crime. It can prevent crime by alerting authorities of possible crimes. The cost of crime is estimated to be five times higher than the costs of preventing it. By installing surveillance cameras in a home or business, a security system can prevent crime before it happens. In addition, it can help protect a family from being robbed or murdered.

One study found that installing a surveillance system decreased crime in car parks. Similarly, a security system can reduce property crimes by around 15%. This type of surveillance system is effective in all types of situations and industries. Smart video analytics can separate genuine incidents from false alarms, which has been shown to reduce crime by about 34%. In a meta-analysis of 44 studies, researchers found that installing a security system reduces crime by as much as 34%.