Why Bars Fail


Peri’s was struggling to stay afloat in the competitive market. Unlike Macs at 19 Broadway bars Fairfax California once a popular destination for live music lovers, the Peri’s no longer drew large crowds, and its generous pours of hard liquor were now losing money each month. What went wrong? How could a bar like this be able to stay in business? Here are some possible reasons. Read on to find out why Peri’s closed.

Peri was struggling to stay alive in a changing marketplace

The venerable Peri’s bar in downtown Fairfax was struggling to stay alive in the changing marketplace. No longer a popular destination for live music and generous pours of hard liquor, Peri’s no longer drew the crowds it used to. In fact, it was losing money each month. After all, who wants to sit in a cramped bar with no place to sit?

In 2017, after Chuck Peri’s death, his son Peri took over the bar. Peri had spent twenty years working in Mickey Hart’s production office. His sister, Frankie, had worked in the music archives and ticket office for the Dead for 32 years. The bar was struggling to stay alive in a changing market, so they decided to buy the business from her sister. The Peris decided to give the bar one last shot for the sake of the music.

Peri’s was losing money every month

The former Peri’s bar in downtown Fairfax has been suffering through a tough economy and a global pandemic. Once a popular hangout for live music lovers, Peri’s was losing money every month. Customers were no longer able to enjoy generous pours of hard liquor, and Peri’s was losing money every month. The Peri’s was not only losing money, but it also faced an uncertain future.

A recent lockdown left the bar closed for 15 days while the Pandemic shut down. Peri’s is able to sell the entire bar to the buyer but will keep Peri’s name for the same amount. However, this latest fundraiser has caused some blowback, but the preservation of the live music scene makes the effort worthwhile. In the meantime, Peri’s name is still hanging on for dear life.

Peri’s did not allow offensive clothing, jewelry or tattoos

The restaurant’s dress code was a little controversial. It suggested women wear skinny jeans, black ankle-strap heels, and a form-fitting top. It was later revealed that the dress code was posted incorrectly. But the restaurant is still standing by its original rule: it does not allow tattoos or offensive clothing in its bars. However, the dress code was changed to allow women to wear sexy clothing and shoes.

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